National Poetry Month 2013 ~ Student Posters (Amy)

Poetry Month
“Write about your sorrows,
Your wishes,
Your passing thoughts,
Your belief in anything beautiful.”
~Rainer Maria Rilke

Every year I anticipate getting the new National Poetry Month poster in my school mailbox. This year I decided it would be a meaningful project to have my students create their own posters. Before we started the posters, I engaged my high school writers in a brainstorming activity that allowed us to expand our definition of poetry into metaphorical terms. Here are the questions that we pondered and wrote about: Poetry Month Poster Brainstorm

This year's National Poetry Month Poster displayed in my classroom.

This year’s National Poetry Month Poster displayed in my classroom.

After the brainstorming activity we browsed the gallery of past National Poetry Month posters at from the Academy of American Poets. Since our spring break falls into April, we will be extending Poetry Month into May this year. My students will hang their posters up in our building and I will be blogging out their poetry, prompts that they have created, and other poetry activities in hopes that we can inspire other budding poets to unleash their creativity.

It was energizing to dig out my art supplies and watch my students create beautiful visuals that eloquently express their love of language.


Work in progress

Work in progress


Completed Posters

Completed Posters

I created a video of their completed posters:

Here’s also a photo gallery of the posters:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The poster activity is one that I hope to continue every year. I love that technology affords me the opportunity to share my students’ work with the world. Stay tuned for more National Poetry Month posts! We have been busy in our classroom, writing about our sorrows, our wishes, our passing thoughts, and our belief in anything beautiful. I cannot wait to share more of my students’ work with you.

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